We Are Still Here for Animals!

Posted May 19, 2021
Animal Ambulances and Veterinary staff are essential to rescuing and treating injured animals and our team are still out there on the road everyday. Even in these times of crisis.

Animals across Queensland are still suffering heartbreaking cruelty and RSPCA Queensland needs to be here for them. However, due to our donations and income drying up we are in a desperate situation. We are looking at a potential income loss of over $1 million.

Please consider donating to help animals today

It's now clear that we will soon be in a desperate situation here at RSPCA Queensland.

Any gift you can make, big or small, could save an animal from suffering during this growing crisis.  

Your vital gift will:

  • Help our RSPCA Queensland Inspectors continue rescue animals
  • Help us care for suffering animals in our animal hospitals and centres

Your gift will show that, even in the worst days of this crisis the people of Queensland never forget that suffering animals deserve our care and compassion. 

  • $15 can help answer an emergency call on our cruelty hotline
  • $25 could help our Inspectors take on an urgent animal rescue
  • $75 can help pay for life-saving veterinary medication
  • $175 can pay for a week’s care for an animal in our shelter – who will be waiting until the crisis is over for their forever home.
The coronavirus crisis is already impacting some of our wonderful animals such as Snickers, your gift will help!

Snickers had been hit by a car but luckily RSPCA Queensland's Rescue Unit brought him to our Animal Shelter in Wacol for urgent care. It was found that he had a broken front leg and required surgery.  

The whole team has fallen in love with this gentle, lovely boy! He is a total cuddle bug, that loves to lie on your lap and snuggle in. 

Sadly, as much as we tried, we were unable to find this wonderful dog’s family. 

Snickers is on the mend and while this crisis continues we will be there for him. As we have to shut down our adoptions as this is a non-essential service, we will be looking after Snickers until this crisis is over.  

It costs us on average $25 per day to look after our dogs like Snickers and we have suffered a significant downturn in our income. We urgently required the support of our community to keep being there for all animals who need us. 

You can support wonderful animals like Snickers until he can find his forever home by donating today. Your donation can help save lives.

And Snickers isn’t alone at the Shelter

We also have over 800 cats who are with us until this crisis is over.  

Kittens like Houdini who was found with his mum as a stray in November last year. RSPCA Queensland ensured that there was adequate care and support everyday for Houdini up until just last week when he finally found his forever adopted family. Houdini was desexed, had all his vaccinations and was fostered until he was ready to find his forever home.  Luckily he did but over 890 kittens and cats all across Queensland were not so lucky.

We urgently need the support of our community to keep providing the essential services to the animals that need us. As we receive 96% of our support from the community if you can support us in anyway please do so.

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