Operation Wanted: Desex and Save Lives

Operation Wanted Desex Your Pet RSPCA Inspectors Animal Welfare Dogs Cats Posted Jul 6, 2022
At the RSPCA we’re a safe haven for many animals, but thousands of pets that come into our care are simply unwanted and have no home.

I’m sure you’ll agree that no pet should be unwanted and that every pet should have a loving home, so from June 1 until August 31st this year, you can desex your cat or dog at participating vets and receive a 20% discount as part of Operation Wanted. Register here for your desexing discount today.

Why should I desex my pet? Not only are you helping to prevent your pet having an unplanned pregnancy, there are many health benefits when it comes to desexing your cat or dog.

When pets aren’t desexed we see thousands of animals turning to the RSPCA every year for help through no fault of their own.

Unwanted mum and bubs

Maggie the border collie cross was surrendered to the RSPCA with her 11 puppies. They are now all receiving the care they need in foster homes before they can go on to start new lives of their own and feel loved once again.

Dumped in a bag

Discarded like rubbish, this tiny kitten was found dumped in a bag last year when a passerby heard his cries for help. While the person responsible wasn’t found, thankfully Riley the kitten was rescued in time and was able to be rehomed.

Neglected and unloved

Beautiful Bridgette and her pups were in a terrible way when rescued by RSPCA Inspectors. Left in a backyard with no food or water, the pups all needed medical treatment and care. Bridgette was also emaciated. Unwanted and unloved, thankfully after being brought into the RSPCA, they all got the care they desperately needed and went on to find loving, new families.

Bridgette’s new mum says that it took some time for Bridgette to come out of her shell at home because of her awful previous life. She says, “She’s now a super happy, gentle dog that has fitted in well with my other dogs. They know they are going to be fed now, which is worth a million dollars.”

One of Bridgette’s pups, Austin, was also adopted into a loving family who say, “We are so glad we could help him. Austin has grown into a very loyal, happy, well behaved, handsome dog. He loves walks, playing with the kids, watching TV with us on the couch, camping with the family, going to the creek, and just wants to be wherever we are.”

Two of Bridgette’s pups, Austin and Hermione now living wonderful new lives.

Kitten down a drain

Kittens can end up anywhere when their mums give birth away from the comforts of a home. This tiny kitten, now named Jetson, was rescued by the RSPCA team after being heard stuck down a roadside drain. Clearly lost from his mum, Jetson was brought into care. Lucky to have been found and survive, once he was old enough, Jetson was desexed and adopted into a loving home.

Second chance puppies

These sweet pups were an unexpected litter of eight. With their owner not being able to properly care for them, they were surrendered to the RSPCA to get the appropriate care they needed and find new homes.

While all of these stories we’ve shared have a happily-ever-after, not every pet born into this world is as lucky.

Now in its eighth year, our discounted desexing campaign is possible thanks to 116 participating vets and councils throughout Queensland. If you know someone who wants to desex their pet, please help by spreading the word about Operation Wanted.

Emma Lagoon
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