Operation Wanted a Success

Desex Your Pet Operation Wanted Posted May 19, 2021
In 2017, RSPCA Qld once again spearheaded the major desexing campaign, Operation Wanted.

Operation Wanted is an initiative which brings together the three key stakeholders interested in reducing the number of unwanted litters of dogs and cats that end up in council pounds and animal welfare shelters. 

In collaboration with local councils and veterinary practices, Operation Wanted promoted the message that desexing was a 'pet upgrade' and an integral part of being a responsible pet owner. The messaging also highlighted the benefits of desexing, including reduction in the risk of some cancers, aggression in dogs, urine spraying in cats and council registration fees. With a major media push, the initiative pointed out that desexing does not result in pet personality changes. 

Preliminary data suggests that over 10,000 pets were desexed as part of the initiative in addition to the 10,000 that would have been desexed during the three months of the campaign anyway. 

RSPCA Qld would like to thank all the veterinarians that participated in the campaign by offering 20% discount on desexing of dogs and cats throughout the campaign period. 

RSPCA Qld is also in debt to the councils and other supporters that provided financial support to ensure the campaign would go ahead. 

Finally a thank you is in order for all pet owners who had their pet desexed during the campaign. You are definitely responsible pet owners! 

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