Pet Ownership: Don't Balls It Up

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Jun 7, 2023
There is one simple operation you should consider to be the best pet parent to your dog or cat…


There is one sure way to balls up pet ownership, and that's not having your pets desexed!


Unplanned litters can not only be costly, they can also leave you wondering "What do I do next?"

Until August 31st you can take advantage of discounted cat and dog desexing! Learn more about Operation Wanted here and find a participating vet in Queensland.

Ginger Megs, Mindy, Chloe and Franky were all surrendered, along with two other litters of kittens and one adult cat with mastitis. As their owner couldn't afford veterinary care, they decided to hand them in for rehoming. They were each lovingly cared for in a foster home and have since found their forever homes.

When your adult cats are desexed, they aren't at risk of becoming pregnant and developing issues such as mastitis.

Sweet Jolie is a three-year-old Kelpie cross who was abandoned with her nine newborn puppies. This sweet mother dog didn't deserve to be dumped in her greatest time of need. She did a great job of raising her young and has now gone on to be desexed and find a new home. Sadly, one of her puppies had an underlying medical condition and wasn't able to be rehomed.

Pickle Berry was a tiny, orphaned kitten that found her way into someone's home and got stuck in their wall. Our Rescue Team performed a tricky rescue to free Pickle Berry and she spend some time in a loving foster home before she was able to be desexed and rehomed.

I'm sure you'll agree that no pet should be unwanted and that every pet should have a loving home. Luckily, most of these pets you have rad about have gone on to find a second chance, but their rough start to life could have been avoided.

From June 1 until August 31st this year, you can desex your cat or dog at participating vets and receive a 20% discount as part of Operation Wanted. Register here for your desexing discount today.

Still not convinced? Read about desexing benefits for your pet, and saving for your hip pocket here!

Emma Lagoon
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