Spending dollars to save lives

Corporate Partnerships Fundraising Posted May 19, 2021
In October 2005, Bendigo Bank and the RSPCA partnered to help save the lives of homeless animals.

In that time, Bendigo Bank customers have helped to raise more than $3 million to support the National Adoptapet program! As customers shop with their RSPCA credit card, they’ve also helped to rehome almost a half a million animals across Australia, and counting.

But it’s bigger than that... A recent campaign initiated by Bendigo Bank’s team in Queensland resulted in another large donation to support the cause with more than $28,500 raised for the charity.

So if you’re considering shopping and supporting animals in need at the same time, the RSPCA Mastercard® credit card might be for you, with Bendigo Bank making payments to the RSPCA Adoptapet program based on a percentage of your spend. With a ‘donation’ card, you can also make a tax-deductible $5 per month donation to the program. To learn more and find out all the T&Cs of the RSPCA Mastercard® credit card, visit the Bendigo Bank website.

Frosty the dog (pictured at the top of this article) is one of the faces you’ll see on the RSPCA Mastercard® credit card. He was found tied up and in a bad way, allegedly beaten after running away. Luckily he was surrendered by his owner to the RSPCA Queensland Inspectorate so he could find a happier, second chance.

Frosty has since been adopted and has found a happy home.

Emma Lagoon
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