Happy ending in long road home for “broken” dogs

Rescue Dogs Posted May 19, 2021
Five dogs that came into RSPCA care in January 2017 will finally be available for adoption this Friday March 23rd from RSPCA Qld’s Bohle Care Centre.

The dogs were emaciated, covered in parasites, riddled with heartworm, hookworm and suffering from skin disease when they came into the RSPCA and have spent the majority of their 422 days in foster care.

“We like to send out a huge thank you to our foster carers,” said RSPCA Qld Care Centre Manager Eileen Fletcher. “All these dogs needed ongoing veterinary treatment and had to be ferried in and out by their carers who have done a fantastic job. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”

Bryson Watt, a Kuttabull  musterer was charged with 32 counts of breaching his duty of care to an animal and eventually pleaded guilty in Mackay Magistrates Court..

The RSPCA alleged Watt kept emaciated or malnourished dogs caged or tied up in small spaces with little shelter or proper bedding, living in their own faeces on his property.

It's also alleged two of the dogs - Bozo and Hank - rated five out of five on a scale where one is ideal and five is emaciated, while three other dogs - Charlotte, Choice and Diamond - rated four out of five on the same scale.

An RSPCA inspector originally checked Watt's property after callers reported dogs - including one which had died - had been left unattended in squalid conditions.

“This really is a very happy conclusion to a very sad case,” said Inspector Frank Bebernitz. “To look back at their condition when they came in and then see how healthy they are now is truly uplifting. Somehow it makes it all worthwhile.”

It has cost the RSPCA tens of thousands of dollars to care for the five dogs and as mentioned earlier they have spent 422 days in care.

The dogs will be on site at the Townsville Animal Care Centre at 10 am Friday March 23rd.

Media contact Eileen Fletcher 0415 385 618

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