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Adopt a Pet Promotion Rehome Posted May 19, 2021
We cleared our shelters across the state during the recent RSPCA animal adoption promotion "Clear the Shelters".

Clear the Shelters saw adoption fees reduced to just $29 and the result was overwhelming! RSPCA nationally saw over 2000 animals adopted with RSPCA Qld finding homes for over 1,050 animals that’s 90% rehomed.

RSPCA NSW had already run the annual event separately for two consecutive years; in one year over 500 animals found their forever home while in 2017, over 750 animals were adopted in three days.

Although the adoption fee for each animal had been reduced quite significantly, the actual process for adoption was still the same, this is to ensure both animals and potential adopters are the absolute perfect fit.

RSPCA's core value is the welfare of animals and that wasn't about be jeopardised to make a quick buck!

RSPCA NSW's campaign had been so successful that a national event was born. There's nothing more heartwarming to see animals that have otherwise struggled, find permanent loving homes! It's pure ‘happy tear’ feels.

From months of planning and collaborating with the state-based RSPCA's, finally on the 23rd of February our Clear the Shelter campaign launched! All animal adoption fees were reduced for the following three days and WOW, what a busy time it was!

On the first day of the promotion at RSPCA Qld's Wacol Animal Care Campus, people had started to gather and queues were forming before the doors were open, and this didn't stop throughout the promotion!

Now, I know the queues and waiting times were long. It was such an overwhelming response and our staff and volunteers were inundated (which was great for the animals).

Whilst we asked for patience and an open mind, I think it is important that everyone should remember five key things when coming to our adoption events.

  1. Over 1,000 volunteers worked their backsides off over this period and they did not get paid a cent! Everyone’s time is precious and they gave up their own time to help people like you, find their perfect pet. Without our amazing volunteers, we simply could not run these events!
  2. In the days leading up to the event, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get our pets ready for adoption! From our vets desexing and vet checking all animals right through to our animal handling staff and volunteers prepping and priming all adoption centres.
  3. On the day of an event like this, the adoption process takes time. Our adoption councillors will not rush this part because it’s vital ensuring an animal, potential adopter and home environment is a great match. The last thing any RSPCA staff or volunteer wants is animals being returned for unsuitability, not only is it upsetting for you, it isn't fair on the animal.
  4. If you really want to adopt a particular animal, you can search online at to see the pets waiting for new homes. Be sure to visit that pet the day before an event like this to see if they are a match for you. There is no harm in adopting a pet the day you know ‘they are the one’ - because you can't put a price on finding the perfect pet!
  5. People often ask if they can put a pet on hold. We simply cannot do this. Interested adopters are chosen based on their suitability for that animal on a first come, first served basis. The best thing to do when we host large scale adoption events is to pre-register your details to adopt on the appropriate website, then head straight to the Adoption Team at the RSPCA location on the day of the event to request your interest when the doors open! This way it is fair for everyone, and the pet as well.
On February 23 when we launched Clear the Shelters, on Friday 535 animals were adopted across Queensland, then Saturday resulted in 371 adoptions and amazingly Sunday ended with almost 150 adoptions.

What a success! Over 1,050 animals that were available for adoption had found a new family by the end of the promotion, and a forever home. The decision to hold a Clear the Shelter event was for a very good reason; state-wide RSPCA Queensland shelters have been full and unfortunately the numbers of animals in our care had surpassed our operational resources - it was time to do something.

The results have meant we can focus on the animals we currently have in care (over 1,500) some of which require surgery and rehabilitation, some are part of prosecution cruelty cases as well as in some facilities we assist Council operations. RSPCA Queensland will always help animals in emergencies and of course will continue to assist where possible. 

If you see an animal in distress call 1300 ANIMAL (264 625) or find out more about reporting animal cruelty

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