RSPCA Qld’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Eumundi

Posted Aug 9, 2023
RSPCA Qld would like to reassure the community that the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Eumundi is not being closed, nor is its capacity to care for native wildlife reducing. The Eumundi Centre is a key facility in RSPCA Qld’s delivery of wildlife services across South East Queensland, and will continue to be into the future.

RSPCA Qld’s financial support of the Eumundi Centre has increased year on year since 2021, including a +2.6% in FY22 and an additional +8.6% in FY23. And staffing costs at the centre over the same period have risen 18% from FY21 to FY23.

As a predominantly community funded organisation, RSPCA Qld has the responsibility of efficiently and effectively managing funding from generous donors to continue to deliver the most impactful animal outcomes.

Current staffing changes at the Centre include one full time staff role being made redundant and one casual team member that resigned in June not being replaced. These staffing changes do not impact our capacity to care for our native Wildlife, rather are part of ongoing due diligence by the charity to ensure we are operating as efficiently as we can by right sizing our resources whilst maintaining animal outcomes.

As a charity, volunteers play a crucial role in the delivery of our animal outcomes. This is always in valuable support roles, and not to cover qualified veterinary services or other staff roles.

The cost to run Eumundi last financial year was $951k, and the total cost to run RSPCA Qld’s total Wildlife Services was $3.9M. The Eumundi Centre cares for 16% of the native animals that come to RSPCA Qld for treatment, care and rehabilitation and accounts for 24% of the annual cost of care for all native animals seen by RSPCA Qld.

Operational government funding to support the running of RSPCA QLD’s Wildlife facilities is on average $1million annually, these facilities include the Wildlife Hospital at Wacol and the Rehabilitation Centre at Eumundi.

Animal lovers across Queenslanders fund the shortfall to operate these services through generous donations. 0.4% of the gap is funded by specific gifts to the centre from the local Eumundi Community and a further 34.4%, just over $1million, was donated last year by residents from the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie and Fraser Coast communities to support our important work in these regions, which include two animal shelters and an Inspectorate service, in addition to the Eumundi Centre.

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