What baby bird is that?

Wildlife Posted Oct 16, 2023
Have you found a baby bird and unsure what to do? Read our tips here!

You might think finding a baby bird is cute and quite cool the first time, but somewhere out there is a parent that will be quite distressed to have lost their little one!

So what do you do? It all depends on the age and species of the bird as to what you do next! Read our baby bird guide here to learn about the difference between a hatchling, fledgling and nestling!

If you need real-time advice, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL for advice over the phone.

Here are some common baby birds we see at our RSPCA Wildlife Hospital. Can you recognise them straight away?

Australian Brushturkey Chick

Did you know?

As soon as Brush Turkeys are born they are completely independent to their parents? They don’t need help rescuing unless they appear sick or injured - they’re already making their way in the world on their own at this stage.

Rainbow Lorikeet Fledgling

Australian Magpie Nestling

Masked Lapwing Fledgling

Australasian Figbird Fledgling

Brown Honeyeater Fledgling

Tree Martin Nestling (left), Noisy Minor Nestling (right)

Willie Wagtail Fledgling

Bush-stone Curlew Nestling

Tawny Frogmouth Nestling

Magpie and Butcherbird Fledglings

Blue Faced Honey Eater Fledgling

Black Faced Cuckooshrike Fledgling

Crested Pigeon Fledgling

Noisy Minor Fledgling

Sometimes it’s very hard to work out if you should rescue or reunite a baby bird. Our tips on our blog can help. If in doubt, call 1300 ANIMAL.

Emma Lagoon
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