Looking to buy a pet? What you need to know

Posted Nov 26, 2021
Did you know that dogs can live up to 15 years? That is a big 15-year commitment, which means it is important to be prepared if you are looking to adopt or purchase new furry friend.

Before getting a dog, cat or other pet, it’s important to consider what is involved in being a responsible owner and whether you’ll be able to meet all your pet’s needs throughout their lifetime. Here’s a few of our top tips when looking to purchase a pet, you can read our full Smart Puppy Buyers Guide here.

1. Visit your local RSPCA

If you are looking for a new dog, puppy, cat, kitten or other pet, visiting your local RSPCA or other reputable animal welfare, or rescue organisations is a great first step! The RSPCA always has a range of pets in all shapes and sizes ready to find new homes. Choosing adoption as your first option helps reduce some of your initial pet costs. For a small adoption fee, all RSPCA dogs and cats are already desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, worm and flea treated.

TIP: Did you know that the average dog owner spends about $2,452 on their best mate every year?

2. Research breed related health issues

If you’re looking at a certain breed of dog or cat for a pet, be cautious with breeds that have been bred to look a certain way resulting in exaggerated features. Some pets can have significant welfare issues causing them pain and suffering which is why it’s important to always do your research beforehand. Learn more here on the Love is Blind website.

3. Find a reputable breeder

If your local RSPCA or other rescue organisation does not have the pet you’re looking for, the next step is to find a good breeder. Finding a responsible breeder means better welfare for your pet. Read more tips by visiting our Smart Puppy Buyers Guide.

Click on the checklist below to download your own copy.

4. Training and socialisation

Your local RSPCA or vet can give you more information about what it takes to raise a polite and well-balanced puppy and care for it throughout its lifetime.

  • Have you made sure your home is puppy/ dog safe?
  • Have you organised puppy school and more training for your new companion?

RSPCA offer training for dogs and puppies of all ages! To learn more about dog training click here. Pet training and socialisation is very important to set your dog up to be the best companion they can be and reducing long-term behavioural issues.

You can also read more about introducing your dog to other dogs and welcoming a new pet into your family and introducing them to your newborn baby.

Pets as Christmas presents

Welcoming a new pet into your home is an exciting time for the whole family. Deciding to get a pet should be a planned decision by everyone in your household and a life-long commitment, not a Christmas surprise.

To read more pet care tips, visit the RSPCA knowledgebase.

Sophie Oxford
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