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Animals Rescue Cats RSPCA Inspectors Surrender Posted Apr 13, 2023
Maze the kitten was hit by a car and suffered from multiple, untreated injuries for up to two weeks before his case was reported. RSPCA Inspector Jared was on scene for the rescue

After receiving a complaint that the kitten had not received medical care following the incident, Inspector Jared attended the property where he discovered red-eyed, limp-legged Maze clearly suffering from significant and neglected injuries.

Watch the situation unfold in our video

Maze’s owner agreed to surrender him into the care of the RSPCA where Lead Veterinarian, Lynne, performed three major surgeries for the repair of a broken hip, removal of a ruptured eye and amputation of a damaged tail.

maze on a bench after operation

Fortunately, Maze is making an excellent recovery and has now transitioned into foster care. “Maze is settling in really well, he’s such a sweet little boy,” says foster carer Davina, who predicts that after the removal of his “itchy stitches” there’ll be no stopping him!

Cases like these highlight the importance of seeking prompt attention to prevent the unnecessary suffering of injured animals. RSPCA Queensland appreciate the kind donations and voluntary community support they rely on to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and advocating for animals just like Maze.

closeup of maze showing injured eye

Donating today can make every bit of difference!

If you see a sick or injured animal, call us on our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Rebecca Kahler

Rebecca Kahler
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