An open letter to the boss: Take Your Dog to Work Day

Dogs Posted Feb 2, 2021
In June, pooches great and small will descend upon workplaces for International Take Your Dog to Work Day – a day which aims to celebrate the companionship dogs provide and encourage adoption from local shelters and rescue groups.

If you’re thinking ‘this is a great idea!’ you’re not wrong! Having pets in workplaces can boost morale, communication and productivity. We aren’t saying that you should teach your doggos to answer calls and write emails (although that is next level talent!), just ask your boss if your pooch can accompany you to work…

Not sure how that conversation will go down with your boss? We’ve got you covered! Here is a template you can use to draft an email see if it’s a possibility!

Pre-drafted letter:

Dear [Boss*],

[*If your boss has a nickname – e.g., ‘Jonesy’ – now is the ideal time to use it.]

You may be aware that Friday, 22 June is International Take Your Dog to Work Day. It has come to my attention that you have some reservations about allowing employees to bring their dogs to work, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some furry important facts with you.

Animals in the workplace can be an incredibly positive experience for all parties (animals included). They have been proven to:

  1. Boost employee morale and productivity. Animals are guaranteed to boost morale and increase productivity in the workplace. Plus, with man’s best friend close by, employees won’t want to leave work. Imagine that – a workplace where employees want to stay past 5.00pm. Revolutionary!
  2. Encourage healthy habits & creativity. Our sedentary lifestyles mean Australians don’t do nearly enough exercise. However, with [dog name] in the office, that means regular 'pee' breaks to get some fresh air.. resulting in fresh ideas too! 
  3. Foster team bonding. Let’s be honest, in every office there are people who don’t see eye-to-eye… except when it comes to bonding over adorable pooches! Having dogs in the workplace will help employees put their differences aside and come together and also improve communication!
  4. Decrease ruff-day blues Scientific research indicates having dogs in the workplace will help employees de-stress when they’re having a ruff day. Just stroking a dog's fur lowers blood pressure, purring cats also have a similar effect! 

I look forward to your positive response in welcoming [dog name] into the office!

Kind regards,
[your email signature]

PS: if we really can't bring our pets to work, perhaps the company could support the RSPCA with a donation to help the animals in their care looking for forever homes? 

It might be Take Your Dog to Work Day in June, but for some workplaces, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day! We interviewed three Australian businesses and how dogs in their workplaces boosts morale on a daily basis. To read more, simply get your paws on the latest issue of The Biscuit – Issue 6! Take it to work and leave the article strategically placed to see if the idea of pets in your workplace comes to fruition…

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