ChewProof for a Good Cause

Animals Animal Welfare Dogs Pet Care Legislation Posted Apr 24, 2023
How an indestructible dog bed is changing lives for shelter dogs, and how you could get your paws on one with this special offer too!

Over 6,000 dogs come into RSPCA Queensland care ever year and they all need a comfy space to stay while they wait for their forever homes.

On any one day, hundreds of dogs can be waiting with us for their new homes…. that’s a lot of dog walking, cleaning and feeding for our Animal Care teams… And after a big day, every dog needs a comfy place to catch a lot of zzz’s!

Thankfully, a new dog bed on the market is helping to provide a resilient option for our dogs and shelter teams.

A recent delivery of over 200 ChewProof dog beds has been a welcome sight at the RSPCA!

Our Head of Animal Care Centres, Hayley Kennington says, “The beds themselves are strong, robust and easy to clean. Most importantly, our dogs like them too!”

If your dog could also use an indestructible dog bed, visit the ChewProof website here and use code RSPCAQ to receive $50 off your new ChewProof dog bed!

ChewProof are also generously donating 20% of their profits from any of their dog beds sold to RSPCA Queensland, so we can help even more dogs in our care!

You can also find ChewProof dog beds at our Wacol and Underwood RSPCA World for Pets Stores.

Emma Lagoon
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