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Animals Foster Fostering Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
Fostering an animal can change a life. Hear about Astro who’s still soul searching for his furever family

Fostering an animal can change a life. Robin (human) has been caring for Astro (pooch) for 5 months now in her home. He’s spent Christmas with the family and recently tried his luck at finding a new home when he came back to the Brisbane RSPCA for Clear the Shelter. Alas, he is still soul searching for his furever family.

Astro with his foster family

Astro has been in care since August, 2017. He was a lost dog in Gympie, never reclaimed.  Like many other RSPCA pets, their wait for a new home can be as short as a few days, to a couple of months and sometimes even years! Thanks to amazing foster carers like Robin, pets like Astro don’t have to wait all of this time in a shelter environment.

In his foster home, Astro enjoys loads of treats and Robin has been taking him out on big adventures to the local park to improve his manners. Recently Astro even made a doggy girlfriend when out and about! His foster mum posts all of his adventures on Instagram, it’s a never ending page of rescue doggo goodness.

Astro being happy

We asked Robin, what she thought Astro’s ideal home would be…

“Astro would love a home where he could go on walks and play with other social doggies as much as possible, with lots of toys around and someone to love." 

"He loves other dogs and everyone he’s met, so he’s not too picky! He is still working on his high energy, so someone who can help him with his leash manners and keep steady training would be helpful.”

Photos only tell so much of the story, there is much more to Astro than just a pretty flower crown…

Astro with flower crown

What is the funniest thing Astro does at home?

“Astro loves to bring people his favourite toy and put it in their lap, it’s the cutest thing to see him running over with his latest favourite!”

Does he have favourite pastimes?

“Astro loves bones, plush toys, and belly rubs.”

Is he a snuggler, kisser, cuddler, bed hopper, lounge lizard?

“Astro is a big kisser, he’s too big to be a lap dog but he’s working on it! He tries very hard to be as close to ‘his people’ as possible, but he loves his run arounds to burn off his goofy energy.”

Astro smiling

People often think they can’t become a foster carer because they would ‘adopt them all’. Well pets aren’t Pokemon, you can’t collect ‘em all! But foster carers are invaluable in what they can offer animals; a loving home environment and a dose of normality.  

Robin says, “My partner and I have been foster carers for about a year now, we’ve had Astro for 5 months so he’s definitely our longest foster! We love learning about our foster dogs’ different personalities and quirks.”

Keen to take the plunge; become an RSPCA foster carer yourself!

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