Happy, now.

Posted Apr 13, 2023
It’s hard to imagine how Happy was feeling when she was rescued. Before help arrived, my guess would be that she was close to giving up on life; completely defeated.

Could you go for days, weeks, or even months without sufficient food and feel the same? That is exactly what Happy endured… But luckily, her story does have a Happy ending.

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As an RSPCA Inspector, you never know what the day will bring when investigating an animal welfare complaint. But the information provided about Happy, gave dire warnings.

This particular call for help suggested that Happy had been abandoned and appeared ‘lifeless’; collapsed amongst the long grass in a backyard.

Happy’s rescuers attempted to give her some food and water. In a desperate struggle to eat or drink, she tried standing up, but was so weak that she collapsed onto her face.

The local police assisted and were met by our RSPCA Animal Ambulance on site.

Happy was in such a poor state that she had to be carried into the Ambulance.

Rushed to a nearby vet, Happy was stabilised before she could be transported to our Brisbane RSPCA Domestic Animal Hospital.

Veterinary examination highlighted what was expected, Happy was severely emaciated. She had lost nearly all of her muscle on her pelvis and back legs.

Happy would have been suffering in this state for at least one month with either minimal to no food during that time.

It’s horrendous to think that any pet owner could do that to their animal.

Happy’s condition was caused by complete and utter neglect.

Thankfully, Happy’s situation was brought to our attention early enough that she could be saved.

Under RSPCA care, Happy gained 58% of her body weight! She went from 15.5kg on intake to 24.5kg in just over a month, after being properly fed.

When our Inspectors could finally get in touch with the owner of Happy for questioning, he had a total lack of remorse for how Happy came to be in such a terrible state. He even said directly to our Inspector that he has “other ****ing things to worry about.”

Yet here was Happy, left in a backyard to ‘worry about’ where her next meal was coming from.

Needless to say, Happy’s owner was prosecuted and taken to court.

Her owner was ordered to pay all court, vet and boarding costs, was given 80 hours of community service within a strict six month period, and was prohibited from owning any dogs for 10 years. The Magistrate also ordered that his criminal conviction be recorded.

Happy has since gone on to find a loving, new owner. She is finally how her namesake describes; happy, healthy, and cheeky.

No surprise, Happy also loves her food!

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Emma Lagoon
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