Away for the holidays? Pet Sitting and RSPCA’s Home Alone

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If you can’t take your pet on your holiday, using RSPCA’s Home Alone service and booking a pet sitter can give you peace of mind while you're away.
Home Alone

Are you spending time away from home and unable to take your pet with you? If you have someone looking after your pet at home, RSPCA’s Home Alone service makes sure we know you’re away in case your pet needs help or is missing.

Sometimes pets can escape, friends forget to feed them, or something else might mean we need to contact someone – and knowing that you’re away means we know who to contact in case of emergency.

It is extremely helpful to provide this information to our Inspectors as sometimes pets left in the care of others can be reported to the RSPCA as abandoned. By registering your pet when you are away, if we receive a complaint or your pet is found, we can get in touch with you. RSPCA Home Alone is a free service. You can register here.

Every year, we investigate nearly 19,000 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect annually and reports of abandoned animals make up a large number of these complaints. During the holiday season, these types of calls escalate with families leaving pets behind in the care of friends and neighbours. The good intentions of neighbours looking out for the welfare of your pet can often lead to an unneeded investigation.

By using the Home Alone service, when your family is away from home you can be reassured that RSPCA Inspectors will contact you or your animals’ nominated caregiver if a complaint is lodged or the animal ends up at an RSPCA shelter.

Pet Sitting

If you don’t have neighbours able or willing to care for your pet, then consider a pet setting service. You can search for a network of trusted pet sitters with PetCloud. Pet sitters can offer pet care services for your companion in your home, or at theirs. PetCloud is part-owned by RSPCA Queensland, so a portion of proceeds go towards RSPCA Queensland, to help animals in need.

The advantages of pet sitting at your home:  

  1. Pets are happier and experience less stress in their home environment
  2. Your pet’s normal diet and exercise routines can continue
  3. It’s a great option if your pet doesn’t like to travel

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Before you head away on holiday, make sure your pet as a microchip, the microchip is registered, and your details are up to date! This way if they get displaced, they can easily be reunited with you. Learn more about microchipping here.

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