Lindsay's Rescue

Animals Rescue Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
This here is one lucky, little puppy with one big, exciting rescue story!

On the morning of March 13 RSPCA Queensland received multiple calls from members of the public, alerting us to the fact that there was a pooch on the loose on the Mount Lindesay Highway in the Park Ridge area. 

Picture of Lindsay and her rescuers

According to reports, the dog looked to have been injured and was looking understandably distressed as she ran along the median strip of the busy highway.  An RSPCA animal rescue team was quickly on the scene and, finding the pup cowering in the bushes, realised it wasn’t going to be a straight-forward rescue.

And the circumstances weren’t about to get any easier. 

After getting in touch with the Logan City Council, officers were informed that a dog catcher could not attend the scene because officers are not allowed to stop on highways overseen by the Department of Main Roads.

So, next stop: Main Roads. But the Department, although keen to help by closing the road, said they were unable to help with the dog rescue.  After these setbacks, a new strategy was required.  The primary concern was that any human interaction with the pup may spook her, and with the busy traffic continuing either side of her, her life could be put in more danger than it already was. 

So, a plan was devised to set a dog trap, which was loaned from Logan City. An agonising wait ensued as the night passed with the dog yet to have been lured by the tasty treats. But, finally, at 8 o’clock the following night, some 36 hours after the RSPCA first received calls, the plot was successful and the pooch was safely captured. 

RSPCA Community Engagement Officer Michael Beatty said that, given there was no name on her collar, she has been given the name Lindsay after the highway where she was miraculously rescued. 

“She has the loveliest nature and has charmed everyone she meets by offering up her sore paw,” Beatty said. “She looks like a wolfhound, aged somewhere between 12-18 months.  The truth is she’s quite timid and frightened – no wonder after all she’s been through.” 

A vet has since determined that Lindsay has no broken bones, but the limp that passers-by were noticing was due to a sore paw that she may continue to deal with for a period of time yet. 

This rescue story is just another inspiring account of the community working alongside the RSPCA to ensure the safety and well-being of a beautiful creature.  After a week of searching, we were unable to find Lindsay’s original owners.  We then conducted health checks before finding her a new home with a new, loving family.

Picture of Lindsay the pooch out for a walk

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