My Marketing Internship with RSPCA Qld

Marketing Internship Volunteering Posted Apr 13, 2023
Did you know that you could be helping animals and gaining work experience in your field at the same time? Tom describes how his internship helped develop his skills and boosted his resume.

When I was younger, I had many passions. Playing with my Action Man, drawing Captain Underpants or obsessing over Crash Bandicoot on my PS1. But most importantly, I had a passion for animals. 

I loved having pets including a cat of 14 years (RIP Tessie), 2 guinea pigs, a budgerigar, and a turtle. I loved seeing wildlife in the Australian bushland, and even in my backyard.

I admired the RSPCA too at that age, with their desire to prevent the cruelty of animals and to ‘adopt not shop’. 

Also who could forget this masterpiece?

Present day, and I’m studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication at the Queensland University of Technology. 

My second major of marketing had a unit, Real World Internships and Projects that gave students the ability to complete 120 hours at a chosen workplace. My girlfriend was volunteering at the RSPCA as a photographer for the animals that are available for adoption and told me that they took on interns for roles such as graphic design, journalism and content writing, public relations and marketing.

I put forth my resume and RSPCA application form and was accepted in March of 2017. I was then introduced to my industry supervisor, Zoe Collins and other members of the marketing team at the RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Campus at Wacol.

I remember feeling nervous, being in a new workplace and the fear of not knowing what to do, or not knowing anyone there. Those fears were gone by the first week when I met all of the team, and my supervisor helped me every step of the way when learning new tasks. The marketing team and my supervisor, Zoe were friendly, patient and a great help to any questions about what I was doing and marketing in general.

Throughout my internship, I performed tasks relating to content creation through RSPCA QLD and RSPCA’s School for Dogs blog, updating social media including Facebook, Instagram and digital marketing such as SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics.

It was incredibly rewarding to see these tasks help showcase RSPCA animals and help them find homes quicker and to be able to spread the RSPCA’s message that I’ve known and respected since I was young.

I know that my experience here will be worthwhile, for both my work experiences and personal development. Many of the marketing team also volunteered and interned at the RSPCA, even the Head of Marketing, Ronelle! The potential to find paid work at the RSPCA is possible too, with interns and volunteers alike finding positions. And for those in a similar situation to myself at university, the hours are very flexible and you can use these for ‘capstone’ units such as Work Integrated Learning.

You too can volunteer, find out more about volunteering and how to apply.  If you would like to find out more about applying for an internship send your resume, cover letter, and for all creatives; your writing/design portfolio to Jacqui Vial [email protected].

P.S you best believe you’ll meet office foster dogs.

Tom Stefanou
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