Why you should Walk This May for Dogs like Trinity

Animals Million Paws Walk RSPCA Inspectors Animal Welfare Dogs Posted Apr 13, 2023
Poor Trinity was left in an overgrown, messy backyard with two other dogs, Rocky and Mia. Skinny and neglected, you could see on their scared little faces when RSPCA Inspectors arrived that they were starved of food and wary of human affection.

With your help, dogs like Trinity, Rocky and Mia can be rescued from a life of misery. Will you Walk this May to support dogs like them?

woman with trinity

When found by our Inspectors, all three dogs were in a shocking state. They were seized and brought into RSPCA care for urgent veterinary assessment and treatment.

It was clear that these dogs weren’t just scared… they were under-socialised and had no enrichment which meant they had severe behavioural issues.

Unlike your own pets, Trinity, Rocky and Mia weren’t able to live a normal life – playing with toys, enjoying a cuddle, or even a regular meal time – they were suffering due to an extended period of starvation.

It was going to be an uphill battle to save these dogs, but we weren’t going to give up on them like their owner had.

Trinity, Mia and Rocky were all emaciated. They all had fleas and they all had worms.

Their owner refused to surrender the dogs to the RSPCA, meaning they were in limbo for over a year in our care, unable to move on and find appropriate homes.

Unfortunately, despite the ongoing, persistent work of our animal rehabilitation team at the RSPCA, sadly Mia and Rocky didn’t pull through from their ordeal. All three of these dogs had been so severely neglected… Had their owner simply provided appropriate care and socialisation, Mia and Rocky might still be here today.

Fortunately for Trinity, her story has a happy ending. She was successfully rehabilitated from her ordeal and was able to go on and find a loving, new family. 

Inspector Yorick was there when Trinity, Mia and Rocky were first rescued. He says, “You never know what to expect when you investigate animal cruelty, but with the support of the public, we’re able to be there for animals who can’t fend for themselves.”

trinity lying on their back

Beautiful Trinity now has loving owners, living in a home where she enjoys lazing around on her back, sunning herself and playing in the backyard.

Will you Walk this May to help ensure dogs like Trinity, Rocky and Mia can be rescued from terrible situations and their owners prosecuted? Sign up to ensure no dogs have to suffer the way Rocky, Mia and Trinity did.

Emma Lagoon
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