Poorly Drawn Pets Fundraiser

Dogs Animals Donate Fundraising Pets Cats Posted Apr 13, 2023
Who would have thought a few untrained artists (as well as some seriously good ones mixed in there), some pens, paper and some beautiful pets would make around $8,000 in donations for the RSPCA?

We can celebrate this because of you! Thank you for contributing your pets into our Poorly Drawn Pets fundraiser. These funds will go above and beyond to help our main priority: animals. They may have been poorly drawn, but the donations that you sent in were gratefully received.

Although these are uncertain times and we may be stuck at home, this does not mean that fun and creativity stops. And boy, there was a lot of creativity and fun!

A couple of our drawers seem to have missed the memo about delivering poorly drawn pet portraits and submitted some very good drawings (don’t worry, we’ll be having stern discussions with those “artists”). But at the end of the fundraiser, there were hundreds of delightful poorly drawn pets –800 of them, in fact! We just had to share just some of these pet portraits drawn poorly with you, so here are some of our favourites…

Sam Morris
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