Save Dollars and Save Lives when RSPCA Op Shopping

Animals Rescue Op Shops National Op Shop Week Posted Apr 13, 2023
2020 has seen many of us tightening our belts and trimming daily life back to basics. But, where you’re saving some cash when shopping at RSPCA Op Shops, you’re also saving lives by supporting a great cause!

Collectors of pre-loved clothing heartily attest to op shopping as a fun, cost-effective, and a community-minded way to level-up your wardrobe.  For eco-friendly thinkers, it’s also a sustainable alternative to the toxicity of fast-fashion, which according to ABC’s War on Waste, contributes to 6,000kg of clothing hitting Australian landfill every 10 minutes. That’s inconceivable environmental damage negatively shaping the future of our planet, and of course, the welfare of our precious animals.

RSPCA Op Shops are the perfect place to spot a fashion bargain - selling vintage, retro and contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories in great quality and even nearly-new condition for all ages and sizes. With the recent trend of lockdown-inspired closet-culling, we are certainly in excellent stock of great donated wears.

woman browsing clothes

Did you know that 100% of profits from our Op Shops goes straight to supporting animals in need?

So whether you’re salvaging items or donating your own pre-loved pieces, you’re helping hundreds of animals with hospital care, food, shelter and many other invaluable resources that contribute to their rehabilitation and rehoming.

woman and puppy sitting on the floor at an op shop

Want some up-cycling inspiration? We had a lot of fun recently teaming up with the stylists of Spree With Me who donated a pro-bono styling session and photo shoot to showcase some of our great RSPCA op shop outfit gems! Spree With Me are a collective of experienced, affordable stylists who can help you find confidence in embracing your own unique flair. They’ll teach anyone how to find joy in a pre-loved ensemble—a great option if you’ve ever wondered how expert op-shoppers pull second-chance pieces together and step out looking like forward-thinking fashionistas!

older woman choosing clothes

There’s always great op shopping advice to be found if you’re looking for tips on how to forecast what you’re looking for, organise the hunt for fashion treasures, spot the potential in pieces and make solid, value-adding wardrobe decisions.

With many great reasons to put RSPCA op shopping on your to-do list, strut your stuff for this National Op Shop Week and save while you style ahead for the seasons — you’ll be giving hundreds of animals a helpful hand-up while you look great in those hand-me-downs!

Don’t forget to donate your pre-loved good quality items directly to your nearest RSPCA!

outside of toowoomba op shop location

National Op-Shop Week, 2020

Monday 28th September to Sunday 4th October

Rebecca Kahler

Rebecca Kahler
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