Second chances for tiny kittens

Cats Rescue Foster Posted Apr 13, 2023
Every spring the RSPCA is inundated with unwanted litters of kittens. Some are just days old, found without their mums. Truly dedicated foster carers are needed to help them reach adulthood

Baby kittens can come into RSPCA care at all different stages of development and in different health conditions. 

At the start of spring, when breeding is at its highest, a lot of strays are found abandoned by their mums and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Normal parental duties like feeding, toileting and cleaning are no longer able to be managed naturally by the kittens’ parents, so human foster carers are the next in line to help the little ones through to adoption.

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It is a tough job for the RSPCA foster care team when it comes to coordinating the huge influx of baby kittens needing care amongst the small number of volunteers available to care for them, especially considering an experienced carer can only manage three to five kittens at a time.

Fostering kittens and showing them how to feed at RSPCA Queensland

State Foster Care Coordinator, Julie Herbert, says, “During the main kitten breeding season we normally get around 30 or so volunteer foster carers for the baby kittens, but we really need more around the 60 mark.

“Baby kittens really need a foster carer with exceptional attention to detail, not only with keeping records but also in knowing the animal and any changes it goes through. They must be fully available for regular feeding, and most importantly, passionate about baby kittens."

If you think you have what it takes to care for tiny kittens from just a few days old to a few weeks old, you can apply here and contact the RSPCA Foster Team for more information about kittens that need help this festive season.

Read more about becoming an RSPCA foster carer with our Frequently Asked Questions answered.

There is a two hour Basic Foster Care Training session and a property check conducted prior to starting the Fostering Baby Kittens Workshop. Baby kittens can be fostered from the Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus in Wacol.

Emma Lagoon
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