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We all love summer, but hot and humid days can put your pets at risk for seasonal dangers like heatstroke and deadly paralysis ticks. It can even send them running for the hills in summer storms!

We’ve got the goods on how to prepare for the heat and keep your furry friends safe and sound with these great summer must-haves! 

All products are available from RSPCA World for Pets with 100% of the proceeds going to the RSPCA.

Pet Water Fountain

Adequate hydration is always so important for pets, especially in the height of summer. This Drinkwell Ceramic Pet Fountain circulates and filters your pet’s water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. The pet fountain offers two litres of fresh, filtered water and the ceramic design looks great and is easy to clean - a fabulous hydration station for any pet!

cat and pet water fountain

Frozen Dog Toy

Fill this penguin shaped dog toy with your pet’s favourite treats like chicken broth, yoghurt or wet dog food and place into your freezer. Your long lasting chew treat is then ready for your pooch to enjoy the next day!

frozen dog toy

Automatic Waterer

Soaring temperatures are a fast-track for dehydration if there isn’t enough fresh drinking water available to your pet. So make sure your pet’s water never runs out! This portable 6.8 litre Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer is just the right size for thirsty animals. It connects to a garden hose and provides consistent access to clean water with no overflow. Simply link and drink!

automatic waterer

Crate Cooling Fan

Easily attaches to most pet crates and carriers, designed to provide your dog or cat with safe, powerful airflow to keep them cool and comfortable in the heat. The Cooling Fan has two speeds and is ultra-quiet - ideal for keeping temperatures down whether your pet is travelling or resting at home.

cooling fan

LickiMat Buddy

LickiMats are boredom busters!  Spread your cat or dog’s favourite soft treat over the surface and you create a tasty game of morsel-seeking! Even better, treats can be frozen in summer for extra refreshing, icy entertainment.

lickimat buddy

Cooling Vest

Heatstroke is a major risk to your pet on hot days, so this Cooling Vest is the perfect heatstroke-prevention essential! The soft fabric layer can be immersed in water, wrung out and placed on your dog to keep them cool and ease the stress of heat and humidity. A calm and cool dog is a happy dog, so this vest a great addition to your pet’s stock of summer accessories.

cooling vest

Pet Cooling Mat

A pet cooling mat is a staple for summer. This cooling mat is made with a cooling safe gel to keep your pet cooler for longer. The mat does not need water or electricity - simply lay it out in a shaded area and it’s ready for your dog or cat to use and snooze!

cooling mat


Some animals suffer from storm phobia, so summer can get a little scary for our pets. The Thundershirt is a safe, effective and drug-free solution to help calm anxiety in in dogs who suffer from symptoms of storm stress. The design applies gentle pressure to the animal’s torso which has natural calming and securing effects.

thundershirt on dog

Tick Removal

Paralysis ticks are a serious threat to your pet’s health. This unique Tick Twister tool does the job with a simple twist, removing the tick completely. The process is painless and only takes a few seconds. Consider a Tick Twister as a key addition to your pet’s summer safety stash.  

tick twister tool

Doggy Sunwipes for Dogs

Just like people, our pets need protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Dogs with white fur and non-pigmented skin are particularly vulnerable to sunburn, so keeping some Doggy Sunwipes on hand is the fastest, most convenient way to protect your dog from the summer burn.

Doggy Sunwipes for Dogs

EzyDog Dog Lifejacket

For many dogs, swimming ranks as their favourite activity on a hot summer’s day! The Ezydog doggy floatation device has been extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible. The unique ultra-buoyancy foam is strategically positioned to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times and allows your dog plenty of movement. For pet owners with water-loving dogs this is the ultimate in swim safety.

dog lifejacket

Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Parasites like ticks, fleas, and mosquitos can be a big summertime problem for your pets! Prevention is much better than cure. The Big 5 Protection Pack covers all bases and protects your dog against tapeworm, intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas and paralysis ticks.

big five flea and tick protection pack

Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats

Cats are also vulnerable to the problem of parasites, just like their canine counterparts. Bravecto Plus for Cats provides effective twist ’n’ use spot-on cover against fleas and paralysis ticks for your cat in just one application every 3 months.

Bravecti flea and tick treatment for cats

Floating Toys

What could be more fun than a summer swim? A summer swim with toys! Your dogs will love a floating ball, floating lighthouse – a toy designed to stand up like a lighthouse, making it easily noticeable in the waves – or a floating dog toy might be more to their liking.

Drying Towel

Don’t want a wet dog in your car and forgot your towel? Keep a Doog’s swim towel nearby! A super absorbent towel that gets your dog dry quick, meaning you can get back in the car and on the road sooner. The towel is made from quick dry material. Just wring it dry and re-use! 

Doog's swim towel

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