Are you a ‘Unicorn’ Foster Carer?

Animals Posted Apr 13, 2023
We’re currently looking for very special people to help our animals this festive season – ‘unicorn’ foster carers!

We’re not actually fostering mythical creatures… but are YOU our unicorn?

Animals that need your home and heart include:

  • Our medium to large sized dogs are looking for foster carers with secure fences and no other pets in the household.
  • Our orthopaedic cats and dogs are looking for foster carers that can provide some extra TLC at home so they can fully recover post-surgery. 
  • Our adult cats are looking for foster homes too.

Apply to become an RSPCA Foster Carer here.

Beautiful Skye has just been made available to adopt and is a big sweetie looking for a family without other pets at home. She is one of our recovering orthopaedic cases after having hip surgery. If you can help change Skye’s life, apply to adopt her today!

orthopaedic dog skye

Another orthopaedic pet, Pumpkin the cat, was lost and injured when he came into the RSPCA. He’s now recovering with a foster carer post-surgery to fix a fracture. Once he’s made a full recovery, he’ll be searching for a forever home.

orthopaedic cat pumpkin

Just a pup, sweet little Macca came into RSPCA care with a broken leg. He has since been adopted, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a loving foster carer to look after him while he recovered.

orthopaedic puppy maca

Adorable Jack came into RSPCA care in September. He is currently available for adoption and hoping to find a home in time for Christmas. Jack spent some time in a foster home recovering from a broken leg.

orthopaedic cat jack

If you’re planning a staycation this Christmas and spending more time at home, you can help pets like Skye, Pumpkin, Macca and Jack by becoming a foster carer. Apply to become an RSPCA Foster Carer here.  

If you’ve already applied to foster an RSPCA animal and are waiting to be paired with the right pet, please get in touch with our team via [email protected]. No computer access? No worries! Just call 07 3426 9999 to chat to us.

Every day foster carers are helping to change the lives of animals in need. Can you help?

Emma Lagoon
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