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  • Bianca getting comfy with Spike the python

Introducing our new RSPCA Ambassador, Bianca Dye. You may know her name, her face or even her voice from 973FM! Being an animal lover and keen to help make a difference, Bianca was excited to jump on board to help the charity.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of what the RSPCA does. I was an RSPCA Ambassador back when I lived in Sydney and worked at Nova about 15 years ago, and I used to host quite a few of the Million Paws Walk events. I think we would be in a lot of trouble if it wasn’t for the RSPCA.

“I’ve always loved animals and grown up with animals my whole life and always had an affinity with them. I’ve always felt closer to animals a lot of the time than to humans. So it just made sense to want to help out.

“Being an only child, my dad made sure that I always had pets growing up. It was always a dog and that dog became my best friend in the whole world. My first dog was Shae, then we had Patch, then we had Friday, and then I had Calvin and Bella who I only just lost a couple of years ago. I had them both (a Chihuahua and Jack Russell) for 20 years, so I was devastated when I lost them. It was like losing a family member. I’ve always had animals around me.”

How might you see Bianca supporting the RSPCA?

“I love supporting events like the Big Adopt Out. I really love reminding people that we need to empty out the RSPCA shelters before we go to breeders. And I know it’s great to go to breeders and I get that, and I understand people want cute little specialised dogs, but when you see the sad little eyes of the animals at the RSPCA looking for homes… It really makes you realise just how many animals are neglected and I’d love to raise more awareness for more adoptions.”

Bianca explains some of her passions in life; all revolving around kindness, understanding and that we are all in this together!

“I’ve got many passions in life. I want to create awareness for Mental Health. I have an anxiety disorder and on my page @anxietyfree, I started to get so many people contacting me and began to realise it really resonated with people. By sharing my journey I was helping others feel less alone.

“I’m passionate about making good radio, and making people laugh. My mission is to help people feel less alone in life and that we are all on this crazy thing called life.

“Be kind. Treat animals how you would treat yourself.” Bianca is also passionate about conservation and is involved with many charities. She also wants people to learn where the food on their plate comes from, “Look for RSPCA approved, I like to be aware where of my food comes from.”

Watch this space for more from Bianca supporting RSPCA campaigns, events and adoption animals. You can keep up to date with Bianca on her Instagram Page here.