• Carly adopted RSPCA good doggo, Jordy

Introducing Carly Portch, Breakfast Announcer on Far North Queensland’s HitFM, and now RSPCA Queensland Ambassador. 

Carly is a local in the Cairns region and says, “I was lucky enough to be at the opening of the new Cairns RSPCA centre and walking through seeing the animals and meeting some of the people who worked tirelessly to create this safe space for animals really inspired me.”

Carly adopted her canine companion from the RSPCA, “Also my six year old staffy Jordy came from the RSPCA and I often think how lucky that I am that they saved her so I could live the life I do with her by my side.”

She reflects on her time with Jordy so far, “Within weeks of being at home with us, she quickly became the centre of our world. Even something as little as her sneezing had us laughing. We proudly took her on walks to show her off around our neighbourhood and felt such a sense of pride when people complimented her.”

Carly is passionate about sharing the word about adoption, “I am hugely passionate about adoption, it is the most amazing and rewarding experience to give an animal a happy and safe space. Not only do you get to see them flourish but you feel the love back from them tenfold everyday.”

Self confessed ‘Dog Lady’, Carly explains about her canine companions, “I have equal favourites, my two rescues; Jordy a six year old staffy mix and Gabby is my four year old ridgeback cross. I love them both for different reasons. Jordy is a bit calmer and loves to curl up and snuggle, whereas Gabby provides me with endless entertainment due to the fact she is goofy and forgets she is the size of a small horse.”

When not working on radio, Carly enjoys walking on the beach with her doggos to unwind. She also loves writing and curling up with a good book!

You can follow Carly’s Instagram here, and catch her at RSPCA Million Paws Walk this year in Cairns!