Meet Jessica Wuetschner, our first AFLW to join RSPCA Queensland as an Ambassador! Jessica plays for the Brisbane Lions and was a part of the 2021 Premiership Team.

Jess was inspired to help the animals this year after chatting to her good friend Ali Sherry who is an RSPCA Board Member. “We were having a discussion about the RSPCA one afternoon during lunch and we thought that it would be a great way for me to help support something that I love so much, which is animals.”

Jess recently helped out at RSPCA Wacol, volunteering in Animal Care. “It’s quite funny because I wouldn’t think that cleaning pens would be something that would bring me joy but it did, Just getting to see their smiling faces as they go out to have a run around, go for a walk, and then come back to have some food! I really enjoyed my small interactions with the animals, particularly with the dogs during my time Volunteering.”

Animals play a big part in Jess’ life, bringing her much joy. Growing up I always had pets in my life. I’ve had four cats now, two of which I currently have, Charlie and Bear, and five dogs all staffys. They are my favourite breed because they are so affectionate and loving with the biggest smiles on their face, they can make any day a great day. Charlie and Bear are so damn cool, I adore them so much.”

Pre-season training has kicked off for Jess and she’s looking forward to the AFLW season ahead. “For me it is back to business to continue to grow on the field and off the field. I am super grateful that I’ve been able to be in a position to play AFLW before I was too old.” Jess laughs. “It’s incredibly hard as a female athlete at this level to balance work, home and AFLW. My hope is that one day soon we will be paid as full-time athletes so we have more time to do the things we are passionate about on the side, like volunteering with the RSPCA or in the community.”

Like many of us, Jess cares about animals and their welfare and wants to spread the word about adoption. “I’m very passionate about animals being treated as equals, I’m of the opinion adopt, don’t shop. 100% I understand why people do, but there are so many dogs that need to be loved and want to be loved that are out there to be adopted today.”

“We definitely need to do more in terms of looking after our wildlife and preserving their homes.”

Jess says, “Anybody that wants to support the animals at the RSPCA, I would encourage you to get in touch with the best contact available. If you would love to volunteer, please do. Volunteers are always needed, and at the end of the day, none of this can be done without donations and support from individuals and companies, so please do anything that you can to help these gorgeous animals.”

Please get behind Jess and support her passion! You can follow Jess’ Instagram page here. We thank her for her passion and care towards all creatures great and small.