• Mariafe falling in love with the first RSPCA pet she cuddled

  • Mariafe with Dee Dee while she waited for a new home

  • Mariafe behind the scenes in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Introducing Mariafe Artacho del Solar as an RSPCA Queensland Ambassador! Mariafe is an Australian beach volleyballer, born in Peru. Mariafe jumped on board as an Ambassador for RSPCA South Australia before she relocated to sunny Queensland this year. Representing Australia in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Mariafe is focused on the 2021 competition ahead!

Her love of all animals is what drew Mariafe to become an RSPCA Ambassador. “I love all animals, big or small and I want to have a positive impact and a voice for them.”

Surrounded by pets in her youth, Mariafe is always keen for a cuddle with a cat, dog or even sheep! “I always had pets growing up, mainly dogs and cats! They were a big part of our family.”

No stranger to being in an RSPCA shelter from her time in SA, every visit for Mariafe is eye opening. “I found it heartbreaking that over 40 animals a day come through the doors in need of attention and medical treatment. This number is way too high and I would love to have an impact and educate everyone on the importance of desexing and things we can do to decrease the amount of unwanted litters.”

“The biggest thing I took away from a recent visit to RSPCA QLD was the amount of animals given to the amazing workers and volunteers due to the previous owners not being fully aware of the responsibilities that come with having an animal at home. Whether it’s desexing, nutrition, exercise needs, veterinarian needs or anything else. When buying, adopting or taking on any animal you must be well educated in its needs, so we as animal owners can give them their best life possible.”

Please join us in welcoming Mariafe to the RSPCA team and wish her well in her sporting adventures ahead! You can follow Mariafe’s journey on her Instagram page here.