• We are excited to announce our new ambassador, Matt McKay

  • Matt McKay and Jack Hingert

RSPCA Queensland is excited to announce Matt McKay as an RSPCA Ambassador. The Brisbane Roar player is keen to support the cause.

"I have grown up around both cats and dogs." 

"Currently I have 2 dogs, Heidi and Lily.  Heidi is a boxer (my third), and she is the ultimate ball of excitement so often associated with the breed.  We love our walks together, which is really her taking me for a walk."

"Lily is the real reason behind my support of the RSPCA and the encouragement of people to adopt animals.  While my wife Amanda and I were living in South Korea, she came across screams from a dog in a nearby house.  It was excruciating to hear.  So along with her Korean-speaking friend, they called the police and had the dog removed from the owners' property.  Lily was taken to the vet and treated for various ailments.  While we rehabilitated her, she turned from a shy, timid little dog to a confident, healthy, well-tempered angel.  So once we eventually moved back to Brisbane we shipped her back where she now enjoys her life in the sunshine state." 

"Our time in Busan, South Korea, also led us to being involved at BAPS (Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary) which was an organisation aimed at sheltering and caring for dogs which were abandoned and facing death. The smiles these dogs got from the interaction with humans showed me the real reason for adoption. It gives the dog and the owners a new life together. It was really special to see. So much so that when my wife visited Busan, we brought back another dog from BAPS, a yorkie, called 'Mr Big'.  He is loving life down on the Gold Coast with his new family."

"After seeing the love these dogs now receive I want to support the RSPCA in their endeavours of finding homes for all the animals!"