• Rachel with RSPCA dog Chloe

  • Rachel Supporting RSPCA Cupcake Day

Rachel has been an animal lover her entire life. Rachel says, “growing up with animals and being an animal lover is something I think I inherited from my mother.”

As Rachel has been travelling internationally most of her adult life, she is now finally able to be more hands on with helping animals in need and has spent time volunteering at the Dakabin RSPCA. Rachel is proud to consider herself an RSPCA Ambassador and does not take this role lightly.

“I want to raise awareness about the RSPCA, the people that work there, what they do every day, all the services the RSPCA offers and where your closest RSPCA is. I want to educate the public on the dated misconceptions, how they can support the RSPCA and educate the public on all the things RSPCA Queensland has achieved.

Here is Rachel helping to promote the RSPCA's Pets in Crisis Program: