Introducing RSPCA Furbassador, Coco. Her mum tells us her story...

Once upon a time a girl called Blair bought a puppy, that puppy was then stolen and returned after an absence of 2 weeks. Lucky puppy right?

A few years later, that same dog disappeared from Brisbane only to return to Noosa RSPCA 2 years later where Blair then picked her up. WHAT?! 2 years! Crazy we know! Lemme answer some questions:

1/ Yes, Coco did remember Blair (YAY!)
2/ Coco was in an ok condition, not great, but ok
3/ No we still have no idea how she got out
4/ No, we don’t know how she got to Noosa
5/ No, we don’t know what she got up to for 2 years

All we know is that a nice stranger saw Coco in a park and thought her human must have been around somewhere. Then 2 weeks later saw her in the same park and decided to stop and drop her off at the RSPCA in Noosa. From there, owner Blair was promptly called and she came and picked up her long lost pooch! 

Coco very quickly settled back into her old life. She now lives in Melbourne and has a large social following on Instagram. You will most likely find her in a café or at a dog friendly beach. She is frequently back in Queensland visiting family and friends!  

Coco’s Personality
Fun loving
Has a ‘Loco-Coco’ mode

Coco’s Likes
Any toy (preferably something she can chew)
Food (especially cheese) 
Walkies (brownie points if they are on the beach)

Coco’s Dislikes
Not being cuddled