• Daisy Rey's new book also supporting the RSPCA

Introducing Daisy Rey, newly appointed RSPCA Furbassador! 

"She is a miniature long-haired dachshund, who was born and bred in South Brisbane. Daisy is one of the more fortunate puppies; not ever having to know the pain of animal cruelty, and was lucky enough to get her forever home at just 10 weeks of age. This little sausage dog is full of attitude and likes to throw sass around like confetti."

Daisy’s photos took social media by storm from her first day at her new home. Her cute little face and personality captured hearts around the world and now has a combine following of over 70,000 loyal followers, on both Instagram and Facebook.

"If Daisy can use her popularity and influence to help animals who haven’t got it as good as her – then that’s exactly what she will do. Daisy’s human dad firmly believes that it’s our job as people to help our animal friends, and do what we can, so they get the life they truly deserve.”

Daisy Rey has a new book out too with a portion of proceeds supporting the RSPCA! You can pick up your copy here!