• Kiba with RSPCA's Furbassador Amos

The smiley Staffy from Brisbane has agreed to become an RSPCA Qld Furbassador! 

Kiba the English Staffy x Kelpie was adopted from RSPCA's Wacol Animal Care Centre on 17th September 2016, by her owners Reni and George who instantly fell in love when they first meet Kiba (who went by the name of Peaches back then). 

Officially more famous than most, Kiba is a hit on Instagram having reached over 1000 followers and one of the main reasons Reni and George wanted to document her life on Instagram is because  to create an awareness for her bully breed and to encourage people out there to adopt instead of shop. 

Unfortunately, Staffordshire Bull Terrier seems to have this bad rep about them that they are “dangerous” dogs. After adopting Kiba, we found that that statement couldn’t be more wrong. Kiba is the most affectionate, loyal and wonderful dog we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing."