• From a box to the beach

  • Nathan with parents Rian and Mel

Introducing Nathan, the cat that loves to go for a swim at the beach! Our new RSPCA Furbassador. Yes, Nathan is a female cat! The name was originally a joke by her parents Rian and Mel, but it just stuck.

Nathan was adopted earlier in 2017 as a kitten from RSPCA Bundaberg. She was found with her mum and two other siblings dumped in a box on the side of a highway.

Now Nathan has gone from box cat, to beach beauty!

"She was around 11 weeks old when we had our first trip to the beach. We wanted her to be able to experience the great outdoors rather than solely being a house cat."

"We both love the beach and felt this would be a great place to start!"

"We carried her away from everyone so she wouldn't get scared and put her on a leash."

"She was great and started walking along with us without a problem!"

Nathan the cat has supervised off-leash adventures with her mum and dad on the beach, "She is great and continues to follow in our footsteps."

"To our surprise Nathan just followed us into the water without any hesitation. It was very cute!"

"From there, each time we took her to the beach her confidence would grow until she eventually just started swimming!"

"Since starting her Instagram and Facebook account, we've had an overwhelming response of love for Nathan!"

What an adventurous life Nathan has in just under a year since being adopted! Nathan will be helping to support other RSPCA cats like her, so keep an eye out and follow Nathan's adventures online.

Beach photo credits - The Courier Mail.