Big Adopt Out 2019 Wrap Up

Adopt a Pet Dogs Animals Big Adopt Out Cats Charity Event Happy Story Pets Posted May 19, 2021
Another big week has come to an end with rescue pets starting new journeys in loving homes.
Hundreds of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens converged on the Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday the 14th of September, 2019.

It’s an event that has been running for 7 years now and never gets old! Seeing eager families meeting just as happy pets makes the day and preparation prior, all worthwhile.

family adopts at big adopt out

My favourite part of the Event (besides seeing pets leaving with new owners) is being able to greet every pet before the crowds come through the door. Each dog has a volunteer by their side offering treats, training and care. Cats are resting in their condos with a hidey hole, food and water, waiting for new families too.

rspca ambassador michaela cook at big adopt out 2019

Every RSPCA pet profile also showed just how far they had travelled to make it to Brisbane. I spied Holly the dog from Noosa, some from RSPCA Kingaroy and Gympie too. It’s an event that wouldn’t be possible without tireless hours behind the scenes from staff and volunteers. In the week leading up to Big Adopt Out, our volunteers were transporting pets from far north as our Cairns Animal Care Centre.

rspca ambassador jessica stafford at big adopt out 2019

And where would Big Adopt Out be without the incredible people willing to open their homes to a pet in need? Over 5,000 people attended Big Adopt Out 2019, all potential pet owners looking to adopt a pet, rather than shop!

crowds gather at big adopt out 2019

This year, 245 pets started a new life with their adoptive families and we couldn’t be happier for them.

cat adoptions at rspca big adopt out 2019

It wasn’t just RSPCA pets attending Big Adopt Out either. The event is all about showcasing rescue pets and the great work that other animal rescue groups do for pets looking for second chances. 

friends of the hound at rspca big adopt out 2019

The day was shared with All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc, Friends of the Hound, Happy Furever After Animals Rescue Inc, Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc, Kitten Kapers Rescue, Lucky Paws Dog Rescue Inc, Precious Paws Animal Rescue Inc, Qld Staffy & Amstaff Rescue Inc, Red Collar Rescue Inc, Safe Haven Animal Rescue Inc, SEQ K9 Rescue Inc, and Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge Society.

big adopt out rescue groups

It wasn’t long before we started to see Happy Tails being shared by adopters from night ONE spent with their new furry companions.

happy dogs at rspca big adopt out 2019

It certainly takes a special breed of person to adopt a pet in need, and we’re pleased to see that more loving pet owners are keen to adopt.

rspca ambassador micks and chris lynn at big adopt out 2019

If you couldn’t attend the event, never fear! There are always plenty of RSPCA pets looking for homes right across the state at any time during the year. If you can’t adopt right now but want to help the RSPCA in other ways, why not ask about becoming a foster carer, or volunteering some spare hours you may have up your sleeve? You can even donate to the RSPCA to ensure we can continue to help save lives.

Emma Lagoon
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