Alfred's Happy Tail

Animals Posted Nov 10, 2020
After a ruff start to life, Alfred found himself at the RSPCA, desperately seeking a forever home to call his own.

Alfred stayed in RSPCA care for some time, praying every day his new family would walk in the door. His wish came true when he met Chris and Jeanette.

The couple instantly fell in love with Alf’s goofy, affectionate and energetic nature.

alfred playing with another dog and man

Even when Alf struggled to settle into his new home at first, Chris and Jeanette promised to never give up on him.

“We want to provide him with the life he deserves,” they said.

Two years on, Alf is living every day in love with his new family. He spends his time playing with his furry sibling, snuggling up with his hooman parents, helping with tasks around the house, or sleeping in a cosy ball of blankets.

alfred curled up in blanket

“He has such a big, beautiful heart and is a real mumma’s boy,” said Chris and Jeanette.

“We cannot imagine the tough gig he had in past homes, but we sure do just adore him.”

We wish Alf and his family a life of happiness moving forward, and we thank Chris and Jeanette for providing Alfred with the most loving home possible!

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Madison Coskerie

Madison Coskerie
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