Monty's Home Ever After

Happy Story Cats Posted Jan 18, 2023
Senior cat Monty found himself in need of help when his owner Judy was admitted to hospital.

The RSPCA has a program called Home Ever After program. It helped to ensure Monty could get the care he needed while Judy was also receiving care herself.

Many years ago, Judy made the important decision to leave a bequest to RSPCA Queensland in her Will. “My initial reason for taking this step was to assist RSPCA Queensland to fund the amazing work they do for animals that are suffering and/or abused.  Protecting animals is very important to me, and this was my way of stepping up and helping.

“Following this, I became aware of the wonderful Home Ever After program and completed the necessary forms to register my beautiful cats under that program. This gave me peace of mind should something happen to me.”

Recently, Judy faced an emergency health situation which saw her hospitalised for several weeks.

She said, “My friends immediately contacted the local RSPCA Shelter. It was such a relief to know that my precious pets were in excellent hands. They kept close contact with me throughout my hospitalisation.”

After a long stay in hospital and ongoing health issues, Judy sadly realised she could no longer care for her beautiful cat Monty when she returned home. So, this dear nineteen-year-old cat was rehomed into a loving, new family.

That’s where Leslie’s story with Monty began.

Leslie lost her beloved 15-year-old cat to aggressive cancer and after months of grieving, she knew her empty house and heart were in need of a new furry companion. That’s when she found Monty, a Second Chance Senior looking for a new home at the RSPCA and decided to adopt.

Leslie says, “Monty has settled in well and is very mellow but still has lots of love to give. Just as the RSPCA described him! He has a few favourite spots to nap around the house. He can be quite vocal, but I also enjoy having him curl up on my lap every chance he gets. I was also quite pleasantly surprised at how spry and agile he still is! No doubt a credit to former owner for keeping him in such good health all of these years!”

“I don't see myself as Monty's new owner. Monty's original owner will always have that title. I see myself as Monty's trusted guardian for this final chapter of his life and look forward to making sure it is the best chapter ever!”

RSPCA’s Home Ever After gave Monty’s original owner peace of mind that he’d continue to get the love and care he deserved into his twilight years. Judy was pleased to learn he was in good hands, “I believe he is being very spoilt. Once again, an enormous relief for me. I cannot find words to express my appreciation for the wonderful work carried out by RSPCA Queensland, one of the most deserving charities.”

Home Ever After was created to care for pets in an emergency and assist in rehoming pets when their owners could no longer care for them due to sickness, or if they sadly passed away.

If you’d like to learn more about our Home Ever After Program or how you can help support animals in need by leaving a gift in your Will to RSPCA Queensland, learn more here.

Emma Lagoon
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