Taffy's Happy Return Home

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Read the inspiring 'tail' of how Taffy was reunited with her owner.

There was an emotional reunion at our Gympie Animal Shelter recently, with Taffy the 4-year-old cat and owner Bec back together again.

Taffy the cat went missing over a year ago.

Taffy was recently spotted frequenting a house at night. These good Samaritans scooped her up and brought Taffy the little lost cat to our RSPCA Gympie Animal Care Centre in the hope she would be reunited with her owner.

Taffy was microchipped!

When our RSPCA team reached out to Bec and gave her the great news, she was obviously over the moon knowing that her furbaby had been located.

Taffy in the arms of her owner

"I just couldn’t believe they had found her after that much time had passed, we searched for ages and never heard anything," said Bec.

"I am so grateful for the RSPCA taking good care of my girl, because she is so important to me, and for the person who made the decision to collect her and bring her into the shelter."

Never give up hope of finding your missing pet. Like Taffy, they can turn up months or years later!

Microchip your pet and ensure their details are kept up to date.

RSPCA Gympie Shelter Manager Vanessa Richardson said it was fantastic Taffy’s case had a positive outcome, as there were many occasions where missing pets are never located.

Taffy in the arms of her owner

"She is a little lean and had two ticks pulled off her when she entered our care, but otherwise looks in okay health for a cat that has been fending for herself for over 12 months," said Ms Richardson.

What to do if you find a pet
  • If you find a pet, check for any identification (name tag, RSPCA VIP tag etc)
  • Contact the owner if their details are listed
  • Take the pet to your nearest vet or council to be scanned for a microchip
  • Report the found pet to our RSPCA Lost and Found team on 1300 363 736. Our team can help in the search for the owners if no one comes forward
  • Chat to your neighbours and check if they are missing any pets or know who the animal may belong to.
  • Post to your local online community boards
  • Make "found" flyers and letterbox drop around your neighbourhood
  • If you find a sick or injured pet, you can take them to your nearest vet, RSPCA, or contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL

For more Lost and Found pet tips, continue reading here.

Jacobbe McBride
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