Brooke's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
The perfect match! Brooke and Mina made friends almost immediately and Brooke's new family are over the moon with how well she has settled in.

Last month, Brooke was adopted by her new forever family, who drove two and a half hours to adopt her! 

On the way to Brisbane's RSPCA Animal Care Centre, Aleksandra knew Brooke was a bouncy, enthusiastic pooch who loves other dogs, and was hoping that she would get along excellently with their dog Mina. As soon as they all met, Brooke quickly made friends and from there Aleksandra knew the long journey had been worth it.

Brooke and mindy on grass looking up at the camera

Once Brooke and her new family got home she settled in wonderfully, and has been doing very well since. Mina (who looks just like Brooke) has started to act like Brooke’s mum! Mina was also adopted from the RSPCA two years ago, and is almost 8 years old, and Brooke believes Mina is her mother. Luckily, Mina also believes Brooke is her puppy, so it’s a perfect match.

Brooke and Mina lying on the couch

Brooke is loving her new home and has put on 1kg of body weight already, ready for an exciting and healthy life ahead of her with her new forever family!

Aleksandra writes:

We just want to thank RSPCA for our dear baby-girl, we all love her very much! She settled very well. RSPCA doing incredible work saving animals, we wish all animals to find loving home.

Thank you Aleksandra!

Sam Morris
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