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Dogs Happy Story Adoptabull Posted Nov 10, 2020
My 7mth Bull Arab Cross, Buddy Boofhead

He was young, tiny and quiet (definitely not like normal puppies)! Not officially recognised as a breed, my research told me Bull Arabs were originally created by crossing Doberman, Bull Terrier, Greyhound and English Pointer. I have however, always thought the name of this breed never quite captures who they truly and in fact the name was an error in the ad selling a litter, mistakenly typing Bull Arab instead of Bull Doberman Pups.

Buddy has a slight Bull Terrier looking face and this has always seemed to cause attention unfortunately not always the good kind. 

Whilst out on walks from early on people would hesitate or cross the road in order to walk past us. I suppose I didn’t understand why this happened and to be honest had thought "they are probably just not dog people". 

Until one day in the dog park, "Um can you keep yours on a lead" said someone. I felt awful, I didn't know how to respond so we left the park and went home.

Buddy is well socialised and in training, he still has lots to learn but as a 7 month old puppy he understands dog etiquette and how to respond to other dogs of all sizes, ages and play styles. There are times when meeting another puppy can cause over excitement and rough play but I always ensure I step in and control the matter.

This hasn’t been an isolated incident, and even just recently I walked past a family on the street "What a beast" they said.

Poor Buddy, that isn't fair.

Now, I notice the look on people’s faces and to avoid any misunderstanding I always shout "My dog is friendly" about 50 metres away. This has certainly helped.

My Buddy the "Bull" Arab, a perfect gentle soul who came from a shelter and into my home. You can follow Buddy's journey on Instagram @buddyboofhead.

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Zoe Collins
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