Cara's Happy Tail

Happy Story Adopt a Pet Animals Cats Posted Nov 10, 2020
A happy tail with twenty years of love!

Cara was adopted from our RSPCA Fairfield facility back in January, 1999! She was one of five kittens found dumped in a wheelie bin which had been put out for collection.

When her new adopter visited her at the shelter, Jacquie was won over easily, "She climbed up my arm and onto my shoulder and rubbing her head on my neck. I couldn't not adopt her after that!"

A typically naughty 'Tortie', Cara has a bit of 'catitude' if things aren’t going her way, but she's very affectionate as well. Cara definitely has her family firmly under her control even after all of these years!

happy story for cara the 20 year old rspca cat

Above: Cara, once the mischievous little kitten.

Cara turned 20-years-old last November and has some 'old age' problems. She has a bit of arthritis in her spine, moves slowly and sleeps most of the day, but her nose has lost none of its power, and she can smell dinner from a mile away!

Jacquie makes sure they visit a vet every 4 weeks for an arthritis injection to keep Cara pain-free.

She says, "The arthritis makes her a bit slower to go up and down stairs, but she gets quite put out if we try to help her... She has a special deep meow which she uses when she can't find us and wants our attention."

rspca cat adopted at fairfield in 1999 still going strong

Above: Cara, still charming as ever. Now a regal, wiser feline.

Thank you, Jacquie, for giving Cara a second chance at a long and loving life!

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