Cats Win the Hearts of Dog Lovers!

Cats Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Hana the cat was patiently waiting for a new home at the RSPCA’s Big Adopt Out event when her life was about to change…
Hana wasn’t a young kitten when she came into RSPCA care, sadly surrendered as her previous owner could no longer care for her, but this feline was optimistic about finding a new life. 

Tess and her family were originally going to adopt a dog when they visited Big Adopt Out to find a match. But after wandering through the aisle of pets, it wasn’t a dog that caught their eye! 

Tess explains, “I put my hand near Hana’s create and she rubbed her head on me. We knew right then that we wanted to adopt her!”

Now very much settled in her new abode, Hana has been crowned Queen of the house! “We can’t imagine not having her waking us up in the morning with her meows. It’s great to be greeted by Hana when we get home,” Tess said.

Has a feline helped convert you into their number one fan?

Cats or dogs

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Emma Lagoon
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