Chester's Happy Tail

Happy Story Dogs Posted Nov 10, 2020
Chester’s furrever family fell in love with him from the moment they met him!

On the 24th of September 2017, Lorna Jane held their Active Nation Day in support of RSPCA Qld. It was here that Chester first met his adoptive mum, Heather. 

Heather spotted little Chester hiding behind his two bigger siblings, who sadly for Chester were getting all of the attention. It was at that moment that Heather’s heart skipped a beat and she knew she had to find out more about the little guy. 

As the day went on, even with all the excitement and activities of the event, Heather could not stop thinking about Chester. After discussions with her partner and the team at the RSPCA Brisbane, she decided the whole family needed to meet Chester. 

“We picked my daughter up from the Sunshine Coast and made it all the way back to Wacol just before close! My daughter was in a state of overexcited shock when she found out we were about to meet a puppy who could soon be ours. The meet and greet went so well, that we adopted Chester on the spot!” 

What's Chester Up To Now?

Chester and his family now go on adventures almost every weekend. Of course, his favourite activities are swimming and bush walking. 

chester swimming

He also doesn’t mind a bit of ‘brunching’ and is quickly becoming a regular at his local cafés. 

chester at brunch

When he is not off adventuring or brunching, Chester will be cuddling up with his favourite humans; Mum, Dad and Big Sis. Oh and we must not forget his fur sibling, Roxy. Chester and Roxy are now BFF’s, who were inseparable from the moment they met! 

chester and roxy sleeping

Chester is lucky to have found such a wonderful family and they are even luckier to have found him. As Heather says:

“Chester has filled our hearts and home with so much love and joy. I honestly can’t imagine life without him.”

chester with smiling family

Nicole Muscat
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