Chief Piggum's Story

Happy Story Animals Posted Nov 10, 2020
This happy go lucky piglet came into the RSPCA’s care after being picked up as a stray.

The Chief is an interesting combination of Landrace, Tamworth and Hampshire breeds. He may not look it yet, but this little beauty could grow to a whopping 270kgs! Although he’s only a babe now, we were worried that it would be hard to find Chief Piggum a home because of his potential size. 

We’re pleased to say this curly tail has a happy ending. Chief Piggum was adopted by a family of animal lovers who live on acreage. 

Since being adopted, Chief Piggum has made himself at home with his new family. There are adult pigs who he loves to snort and play with. He also has chickens to keep him company!

Chief Piggum's new owner discovered that he loves watermelon and will happily eat it gently from her hand. He cooled off from the summer heat in his very own piggy-sized pool. His new owners say, “He loves carrots, swimming and the sounds of another pig beside him. The kids really adore him!”

Your support has made it possible to find this cute little piggy a home and we hope this brought a smile to your face as it did ours. It certainly makes us happy to see Chief Piggum so content.

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Rebecca Sykes
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