Dumped bin kittens: Where are they now?

Happy Story Rescue Rehome Posted Aug 30, 2022
Seven years ago, five kittens were found abandoned beside a Lifeline donation bin.

Picked up by our Rescue Team, the tiny kittens were brought into our Brisbane RSPCA for veterinary care. 

These tiny kittens were placed into loving foster homes where they could grow up until old enough to be desexed and start their adoption journey. Three of the five kittens had a bad case of cat flu and needed extra special care throughout the winter to keep them alive.

Peter Wilson in our Marketing team had recently joined RSPCA Queensland and figured they were a good place to start fostering!

He says, "Claude, Bubbles and Marshmallow won their tough battles with the flu (with the help of lots of steam and medicine) and stole everyone's heart in the process. I didn't foster fail, but I still remember my first foster kitties vividly."

All five kittens were adopted back in 2015 and are continuing to enrich their owners' lives.

Marshmallow then and now

Marshmallow's owner Lisa says, "He is very much loved by us all. He is a pretty chill dude and now copes very well with 2 dogs sharing his home."

Claude then and now

Claude (now Igor's) adopter Matt couldn't be happier with his decision to adopt.

"He is the best cat we have ever owned.

Everyone who meets Igor is always uplifted by his energy and happiness and he brightens up people's lives.

We also adopted a ginger kitten from the RSPCA in 2017 and they are best friends.”

“We are very happy Igor came into our lives and we are also happy we could help an innocent kitten after such a terrible start to his life."

Bubbles then and now

Bubbles's (now Oakley) owner Andi says, "He's a gorgeous wee fella and suited our family well and has a big brother in our 10 year old cocker spaniel."

Helping helpless kittens like these are only possible thanks to amazing RSPCA supporters. Whether you donate, foster or adopt, you’re helping to change little lives every day so thank you!

Emma Lagoon
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