Freya’s Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Adopt a Pet Posted Nov 10, 2020
Freya’s many things - Part sheep. Part polar bear. A heartworm survivor. Most of all she's a 10/10 good girl with her very own happy tail to suit!

Freya's family knew from the start they wanted to adopt, not shop. Luckily they were prepared to wait because Freya’s journey to forever family took quite a while as she went through rehab.

Freya journey began when she came into care at RSPCA Bundaberg 4 months ago, pregnant and suffering from a potentially fatal heartworm infection. In this devastating scenario, the pups couldn’t be saved but, with months of close care and veterinary treatment, Freya could be.

To make it through Freya needed to make the trip down to RSPCA Dakabin, with the larger facility staff and volunteers were better equipped to nurse her back to health.

All up she spent 112 days recovering, mostly in loving foster care. On day 113, Freya was finally made available for adoption. Her many friends crossed their fingers – she’d waited long enough. Incredibly it took just 22 hours for Freya and her new family to commit to each other for the rest of Freya’s life!

She quickly settled into her Brisbane home, where her heart could be filled up with the love that she had yearned for. She also showed off her good manners by sitting for treats and adding the occasional high-5 too. Freya does well to ignore the cheeky neighbourhood cats and has already made friends with Maggie the Dalmatian and Buddy from next door (who is also an RSPCA QLD rescue!)

If you asked Freya what her very favourite thing in the whole world is, she’d tell you it’s being safe with her family on the balcony watching the rest of the world go by. Freya’s family feel the same. They are delighted with their new addition - “the cutest, fluffiest and sweetest-natured dog you could ever find!”

Thank you to Freya’s forever family for choosing to adopt and giving Freya the spoilt life she so very much deserves.

There are many dogs like Freya who are looking for their forever homes, if you’re looking for your own Freya, check out our animals for adoption here.  

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