Glenarbon Investigation; Two Years On

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
We catch up with some of those that were rescued from the Glenarbon alleged Puppy Farm just over two years ago.

Just two days after RSPCA’s successful Pop Up Adoption event in 2017 where 485 pets found loving new homes, RSPCA Inspectors were in the process of rescuing 91 animals from an alleged puppy farm property at Glenarbon.

On January 16, 2017, RSPCA Qld Inspectors investigated a property at Glenarbon. It was clear from 7:30am when they arrived on site that this investigation would last hours and all involved would endure unpleasant conditions; not just from the sweltering heat, but also the grim discoveries that lay ahead.

Chief Inspector Daniel Young said, “The conditions the dogs and cats were being kept in were very disturbing. There was inadequate shelter and water and a number of the dogs were carrying injuries that needed urgent veterinary treatment. There was one dog that was sharing a small space with a dog that was deceased and there were the remains of a number of corpses lying near dogs that were tethered.”

Glenarbon Puppy Farm

It wasn’t until 4:30am the following day that the 91 animals seized from the property, safely arrived at the Brisbane RSPCA - finally able to receive the care and treatment they desperately needed.

Costs to care for these animals reached well over $100,000 and the community rallied together to help cover some of these expenses to rehabilitate and treat the dogs and cats seized.

The owner of the property, Haris Ljuhar, was charged with a record 215 animal welfare related offences, but the charges were discontinued in 2018 due to his death from illness.

This investigation was the catalyst for ongoing investigations into alleged dog fighting rings. Following information that arose during investigations for this particular case, we have seen a further five people charged in relation to dog fighting offences.

Almost all of the dogs and cats seized back in January 2017, have since gone on to find loving homes. Here are just a handful of happy tails from the adopters of the Glenarbon dogs.

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Chevy & Lola

Chevy has struck gold with his adopter, Sam. Chevy has struggled with skin allergies and despite multiple vet visits and expenses, has a very patient family doing all they can to ensure he is comfortable. While some pet owners may complain about dog hair everywhere, Chevy here is just trying to keep his! With an allergy list as long as your arm, we are very thankful Chevy found a wonderful family who loves him dearly.

Chevy came from Glenarbon Puppy Farm investigation

Left: Chevy when he first arrived at the RSPCA. Right: Home life for Chevy with mum Sam and rescue pooch Lola.

Sam also rescued Lola not long after adopting Chevy, “Lola is doing really well. When we picked her up it was touch and go. We wanted to give her what life she had left as nice as possible. To be loved and spoiled. We saw when we met her that she could hardly walk with her bad hips, but with gentle exercise, swimming and frequent small walks, she's finally getting a small jog-up going. At the moment her favourite place is the leather recliner in the corner so she can see everyone. She stretches when she climbs up and it's just the right height to stretch and slide down.”

Sadly Lola's medical conditions meant Sam had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go in peace recently. Our thoughts are with Sam, Chevy and her family during this difficult time. Sam wanted to thank everyone at Wacol and Lis (who adopted Harper below) for her support during this difficult day. Fly free little Lola. 

Chevy & Lola came from a Puppy Farm

Chevy and Lola enjoying beach days together.

Sam said, “Chevy is my soul mate and best friend, and Lola is my Queen. I'm so glad they chose us to be their family...”


Bailey was adopted in April 2017 and has come a long way since Glenarbon! Bailey’s mum Zoe said, “It took us about 3 months for us to get him properly settled in after lots of positive associations and patience. Bailey’s favourite thing to do is run around the local golf course and play in the sprinklers. He has such a gentle soul and is loved by everyone in the local community.”

Bailey came from Glenarbon Puppy Farm investigation

Top: Bailey when he first came in to the RSPCA. Below: After surgery, Bailey was given the all clear and adopted into a loving family.

Bailey in her new home after being rescued from a puppy farm

Bailey enjoying his new life.


Lisa and Ross adopted Milo from the Glenarbon seizure and said, “He's an absolute treasure and we're so glad we could give him a safe, loving home.”


Lis was volunteering at the RSPCA when she met Harper and fell in love. “I remember helping take the dogs off the trailers when the Inspectors brought them in from the raid. They were in terrible condition and so very frightened. Harper would hide in the corner of her kennels when we would come to take her out for walks. Now she is my confident bossy Queen of Diamonds who greets me every morning with the biggest smile on her face. Harper learnt over time that it’s ok to trust humans and there is joy to be had in her world. She also in turn has taught me the meaning of strength, resilience and how to live in the moment.”

RSPCA puppy farm seizure happy story

Left: Harper when she was at the RSPCA. Right: Now enjoying life with her mum, Lis.

Happy Harper in her new home after being rescued

You can’t wipe the smile of Harper’s face.

Sky Blue

It was two months after the raid that Sky Blue found her new home with mum, Tina. “Sky’s journey with me has been so rewarding to see her confidence grow, at first I wasn’t sure if I was right for her, as in I’ve never had to deal with a dog with a past like hers. She is my best friend and my happy, now confident, and playful girl who has helped me heal from a departed Rotty, and I have helped her heal from the past she endured too,” Tina said. 

Blue the dog rescued from a puppy farm

Left: Sky Blue when she first arrived at the RSPCA. Right: Now much more content in life with Tina by her side.


In April 2017, Valerie’s life changed for the better when she found her new mum, Bec. “When we got Valerie, she was petrified of everything and everyone, after weeks of patience, persistence, love and a bit of pushing her out of her comfort zone, we noticed some very big changes in her; Valerie ran to the fence when we arrived home from work/school eager to greet us from a safe distance. She started to become curious and would willingly come up to us in the yard and loved to lay on the lounge with us, we discovered she loved our other dog Diesel; he was/is her security blanket,” Bec said.

Valerie rescued from a puppy farm

Top: Valerie when she first arrived at the RSPCA. Below: Now she’s come out of her shell with her new family and furry side-kick.


Danny found love in March 2017 when he was adopted by Jarrod and his family.

Danny was rescued from a Puppy Farm

Left: Danny when he first arrived at the RSPCA. Right: Now loving life road tripping and snuggling on the couch.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help the Glenarbon pets find their happy, new lives and of course, to the adopters who turned their lives around with love and patience.

If you’d like to offer a pet in need a second chance, you can view our animals looking for homes across the state here. If you can’t adopt a pet right now, you might like to learn more about how fostering can also help, or donate so we can continue to save lives.

Emma Lagoon
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