Harper’s Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Harper was recently adopted and sent us a letter telling us how he's settling in!

Harper was recently adopted from the RSPCA and she sent us a lovely letter about her new life with her forever family!

“Hi to the wonderful team at the RSPCA! I thought you’d like to know how It’s been for me on my new adventure in life. Well, it’s been wonderful. This family of four (2 adults and two kids) adopted me and gave me my happy ending. I have a brother called Koda and he is a loveable chocolate Labrador and we are only 11 days apart in age. Right from the very beginning we clicked immediately. No hesitation whatsoever.”

Harper is sure her and Koda will be best mates for life.

Harper and Koda in jumpers

“We play all day long and snuggle together at night. My favourite game to play with Koda is tug of war as we are both stubborn and won’t give in. This game usually lasts for ages! We both have matching name tags and coats. I love the car and I usually fall asleep in it. I have been a really good girl (apart from the time I started digging the soil out of a planter box and Koda dobbed on me).”

Harper is a very gentle, snuggly girl who is gentle with kids and we hear she has a strangely good friendship with a very fluffy cat! She’s also very excited to see the beach!

“My family have told me that once I have my final shots, they are taking me to the Gold Coast to check out the beach. I don’t know what that is but it sounds exciting. Anywhere the car takes me is exciting.”

Harper on her bed

Harper is very grateful to the RSPCA and our supporters.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for looking after me and matching me to my perfect forever home. Keep up the great work as us animals really appreciate how much you care about us.”

Harper sends the RSPCA, and all those who support them, lots of sloppy kisses!

If you’re looking to give a dog like Harper a forever home, you can view all of the pets waiting for a new home here at the RSPCA. You can also help the RSPCA find forever homes for animals by donating or volunteering.

Sam Morris
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