Heroic Pets That Saved Their Owners

Animals Happy Story Rescue Posted Nov 10, 2020
Often our pet can feel like life savers, but here are some examples when heroic pets literally saved their owners lives! 5 feel good stories that will warm your hearts.
1. Pup leads rescuers to lost toddler

When 3 year old Karina wandered and got lost in the woods, her family feared for her life (the area where she lives has large populations of bears and wolves). With the odds stacked against her the little girl managed to survive, with the help from her loyal pup. For over a week (11 days and nights) the dog managed to stay by her side, cuddling her to keep her warm. Eventually the dog wandered into town to lead the rescuers back to the little girl.

2. Pit bull heroically saves deaf boy from house fire

13 year old Nick was home alone, fast asleep upstairs when a fire broke out. Nick who is legally deaf, wasn't wearing his cochlear implants at the time and would have had no way of being alerted to the danger, if it wasn’t for his pet dog! Nick said he was woken from his sleep by his dog frantically licking his face. The dog’s quick thinking lead to Nick being able to escape with no injuries. 

3. Making the phone call that saved a life

Joe, taught his young puppy buddy to retrieve the phone when he started to experience seizure symptoms. He was trained to use his teeth to hit speed dial which then called 911. The dog called the emergency line, and began making whimpering noises into the phone. Emergency responders arrived on the scene to find the man unconscious. 

4. Taking a bite for the baby

17 month old charlotte was playing in her backyard, when the family dog began to snarl. One of the worlds most venomous snakes a king brown snake was under the house. The dog began to move the toddler away, but when she didn’t move, he picked the toddler up by her diaper and tossed her behind him. The snake then lunged and bit the dog on the paw, saving the toddler! Thankfully the dog made a full recovery from such a heroic move. 

5. Dog gets help to save owner from car crash 

Honey was awarded Dog of the Year in 2006, when she saved her owner from a car accident. She and Michael Bosch found their SUV rolled over and stuck upside down in a deep ravine, and Bosch was trapped. Honey was his only hope! He managed to release Honey in hope that she would somehow find help. She managed to get the attention of a man and brought him back of the scene of the accident. It was said by rescuers that if it had not been for his dog getting help he would have died. 

Tahlia McFarlane
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