Jiders' Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
Jessica’s life forever changed when her new best buddy came into it

This tough looking yet soft-hearted boy in the photo above is Jiders; previously known as Rommel, who was adopted in 2018 from the RSPCA Wacol Animal Care Campus by Jessica.

Jessica describes Jiders as the biggest baby in the world despite his tough exterior, saying that he loves cuddles and would snuggle with her all day if he was able too! He gets tucked into bed every night under all the blankets, and loves going for walks and collecting sticks along the way.

However sometimes, Jessica does need to force him to go for a walk as he’s too busy snuggling!

jiders snuggled in a blanket

"He is the best dog in the world, and is my best friend"

Jiders is thriving in his new home with Jessica, as she helps him live his best life through taking him on adventurous trips to the beach, walks and the endless cuddles! Through this abundance of love, Jiders has grown into an affectionate, enthusiastic and playful dog; living with a family who see him as a bright light in their lives, and this beautiful boy deserves nothing less.

jiders at the beach

"He has been an absolute gift to us, thank you so much for all that you do and for bringing Jiders into our lives"

Jiders is a perfect example of how dogs can bring such great joy to people’s lives, and truly lives up to the expectation of being “man’s best friend”.

jiders being held by owner

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